Basader Bag Reviews

While our bag variations can be quite unique, the materials and craftsmanship always remain the same. For this reason, we pulled all of our product reviews together on this one page. If you have questions about our style or workmanship, please always feel free to drop us a line. Otherwise, read through our customer feedback below.

  • From jbotev on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    Just took it from the post office. Amazing, gorgeous, beautiful and so on. Words are not enough, man have to see it himself… thank you

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  • From Linds F. on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    The bag is amazing! Wonderful customer service too. Thanks so much!

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  • From cynecstasy on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    We had a little glitch due to the holiday rush, but Philip and Elin worked with me. The craftmanship of the bag is exquisite.

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  • From Amanda B. on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    Beautiful bag, extremely well crafted. Customer service was great. Thanks so much!

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  • From Domenic F. on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    Just returned from holiday to find my wonderful Messenger Bag waiting for me. It is simply beautiful and I have been waiting to find a bag of this quality and style for such a long time. You will not be disappointed if you buy from these guys. Thank you and I will treasure it for years. Domenic

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  • From Peter K. on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    Got my bag today and I’m very happy with it. I’ve been struggling to find anything like it, and its even better right in front of me than on the pics. Thanks.

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  • From Arzo A. on Minimal Oil-Pull Leather Messenger Bag

    It is always a worry when you order online, having said that, this was my first purchase on Etsy, and I wasn’t sure how to use Etsy, I didn’t even notice the feedback section of BasAder. To be honest, other than the track time, which they have mentioned in the description, you will get what you order, and having lived in Dubai, with all of the bedazzle that Dubai promises, there isn’t much quality in the market of Dubai… n nThe stitching is superb, the quality of the leather is amazing as well, the buckles are strong and sturdy, it is perfect for me to take my laptop and sketch book to meetings and still look smart, with suit or smart casual outfit (which what I was looking for, something minimal, and will last me a life time) due to the amount of travelling and meetings I have to run, my bags always seem to run out of life quickly. n nHopefully, now that I invested in a leather bag, it will last me long enough (and it wasn’t that expensive, for the value that you’ll receive). n nThe packaging was safe and friendly for shipment, nothing too flashy, exactly what you will find from a quality hand made product, you don’t need to promote yourself, when you have a good product produced. n nNow I can’t wait for my next meeting.

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  • From egae on Leather Tote - Light Brown Leather

    I was immediately impressed by the leather quality- the grain, the finish. This bag is great because of the quality and style, but also of its utility and durability. It is solidly built with a sophisticated look to it. Absolutely flawless! I love it!!! Thank you so much :-) n

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  • From Janice429 on Natural Vegetable tanned Leather Tote

    Received my bag safe and sound. It is perfect. Just what I wanted. The stitching is immaculate. Cannot wait to start using it!! Thank you.

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