Leather Guide

Leather Intro

At basader, all of our leather bags are made using only the finest, US sourced full-grain leather. And to understand the differences between our leather product offerings, we put together the following explanation.

Bridle Leather

Bridle Leather: Like veg-tan, Bridle Leather refers to a finishing process. Bridle leather is stuffed with oils and finished with wax, on both sides, to attain a beautiful finished surface. Historically, bridle leather is reminiscent of traditional english bridle bags, and one of our most durable and classic offerings.

Bridle bag Example:


Oil-pull Up Leather

Oil-pull up is a fascinating material. Colored using aniline dyes that render the leather more supple, it is then imbued with waxes and oils. The result is a highly durable material that gets its name for the “pulling effect” — when stretched, the oils and waxes disperse, and the leather appears to get lighter. While this might sound like a fragile leather type that couldn’t handle much abuse, the beauty of oil-pull is its inherent resiliency. When scuffed, scratched or stretched, a damp cloth and a little elbow grease will remove even the most severe of blemishes — even deep scratches (read this post if you’re curious to learn just how much abuse it will take).

Oil-pull Bag:


Vegetable-tanned Leather

Veg-tan simply refers to leather that has been finished using tannins, vegetable matter, tree bark, and a host of other natural materials (leaves, bark, fruits, roots, even nuts). Becuase of this, the leather starts out light tan in color, and when left undyed, sun exposure will slowly darken this leather type to a rich medium brown color. Leather connisseurs love that this leather type patinas over time.

Oil-pull Bag:


Dyed Veg-tan Leather

Not really a unique leather type as much as a basader offering. Our dyed veg-tan leather is simply vegetable tanned leather that we then dye by hand (typically, brown, black, and sometimes blue). This leather will slighly darken with age, but the color will essentially remain the same over time. Dyeing veg-tan leather is an extremely laborious task, and becuase it is slight less durable than bridle leather, we are now producing some of our older veg-tan bags in bridle.

A “Veg-tan” Bag:


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