FAQs / Ordering Info

Our Lead-time

As a small team, and because we make every bag by hand, our lead-time can sometimes be exceptionally long. However, while our production time isn’t anything to brag about, we can assure you the results are breathtaking.

Knowing this, we try our hardest to list the current lead-time estimate on every single product page. Typically, this is anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Still, we kindly ask that you keep our lead-time in mind before placing an order — we know it’s difficult to wait so long, but in quality and uniqueness, we truly believe a lifetime bag trumps the anticipation (our goal being, to make sure you agree!).

Please also note that we are now keeping our most popular bags in the Ready-To-Ship section, and these orders will go out within 1-2 business days.


Within the US: Our preferred shipping method is USPS priority mail (delivery within 2 business days in most circumstances). USPS priority mail does include a delivery confirmation number, so we will gladly provide to this to you.

Express Shipping (US): While we are more than happy to offer express shipping, our lead-time is typically long, so we do not recommend the added expense. Still, it is an option, and if selected, your order will be shipped USPS Express.

International Shipping

We are happy to offer worldwide shipping. But please keep in mind that your country of residence may charge customs fees on US parcels. We have no control over such fees, nor do we know what they are for each country, so please check with your local post office before ordering if you have concerns. Depending on the destination, international packages can take up to 5 weeks to arrive, but they typically arrive within 8-10 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot make any ship time guarantees for international deliveries.

If you are curious as to how much your country will charge in customs fees/VAT, we recommend using this (unassociated) “Duty Calculator”. In our experience, it is not always exact, but it does provide an accurate ballpark figure. If you do plan to use this tool, simply set section number 2, “Product Type” to the settings seen below.

Image Above: The duty calculator, a great tool for estimating import taxes and fees that will be charged to you by your country of residence.

Image Above: The duty calculator, a great tool for estimating import taxes and fees that will be charged to you by your country of residence.

Where We Ship From

Currently, our production is split between Brooklyn and New Hampshire — this is an extremely recent change, and we will be updating this info on the website shortly. However, your order might ship from either location. For anyone curious, we plan to have some of our production in New Hampshire specifically to keep costs down, while leather production remains in Brooklyn. More on this soon! But let us know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Refunds & Exchanges

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, all of our products are returnable for a full refund within 90 days of purchase–assuming the order is returned in saleable condition. In the event of a return, we will gladly refund the full purchase price plus the original shipment costs.

If you’d like to make a return, simply contact us for further details — and our main goal is making the process as effortless as possible.

Return Shipping

unfortunately, unless we make a fulfillment error, the order is damaged in transit, or we misrepresent an item in one of our listings, we do not cover return shipping due to the prohibitive costs associated with shipping substantial/heavy leather bags. Truthfully, we typically break this rule, because we are so intent on satisfying all of our customers, but feel free to contact us before placing an order — we want to be sure you get the right bag the first time around.

If you have any questions at all about our return policy, please just let us know!


Do we customize…it’s one of our most commonly asked questions. In an effort to keep costs down, it would be safe to say that while we can’t make a completely custom bag style, we will make some common modifications. Some possible examples include:

Longer Bags

We’re happy to say that architects make up a disproportionate percentage of our clientele. So longer bag requests are not uncommon. Extending a bag 1 or 2″ longer is not a very difficult task, however, finding prime leather pieces at this size become exponentially more difficult to source. With this in mind, feel free to inquire if you are in need of a larger design.
Adding an additional inch to the length of a bag: $30 per inch

Inner-Panel Laptop Pocket

While we offer a lot of “gusseted” bag types (a bag with an inner divider, as seen below), we still get a lot of requests for an additional inner laptop pocket on the back inner-panel. Like us, most of our customers sport a very thin laptop, so we understand the request. If you’re interested in an inside laptop-specific sleeve, please contact us with you laptop size before placing your order (this option is not always possible).
Inner-Panel Laptop Sleeve Cost: $30

Wider / Thinner Bag

If you require a thinner or wider bag, let us know. We might warrant against bag widths that we consider to be too wide / uncomfortable, but otherwise, we might be able to extend or take in a bag about 1″.
Wider / Thinner Bag: Typically $15

If you are interested in one of these modifications, please contact us.