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As seen below, it’s difficult to understand how a swatch color will translate into an actual bag. Still, on all bridle bags we are currently offering the following options (and hope to expand into new colors very soon!). Read below as we explain the various bridle leather color choices and provide some bag examples for better clarification.


Above: Our bridle bag color options. From Left: natural (no dye), brown, dark brown, and black

While it is always difficult photographing every color option for every bag, the actual examples below should help provide a clearer picture. Further, while all of our current options do have naming conventions, we know this can be extremely confusing and we apologize in advance for the inconvenience (for example, sometimes we might call dark brown “Pullman” Brown). In any event, what follows are examples for all four color options — applicable to our Bridle and Veg-tan Bags.

Natural (aka Light Beige)
While this color is not always an option, on any veg-tan or bridle bag, we can make it in natural leather. The downside with undyed leather is that it will absolutely darken with sun exposure — so until we better note this across the website, it is not a heavily advertised option (as of writing this, it is only available on some of our totes). Still, if you are interested in ordering a natural bag, knowing that it will darken with age, please just let us know.

As for an example of a “natural” bag, we are using an image of a tote (for now), until our brand new natural colored messenger bags are photographed at the end of this month

Above: Our “Natural” color option, this leather is treated, but it will still darken with sun exposure, as seen on our Natural Veg-tan Tote

Brown (aka “Medium” Brown, aka “Sienna” Brown)
By far, the most popular color option, our basic brown goes by many names (and causes the most confusion). Reason being, it photographs drastically different depending on the light source. Like oil-paint, this color absorbs light, which makes for a beautiful finish — unfortunitly, the same bag can appear a shade darker/lighter in certain contexts. Still, the image below is the best example of a “Brown” bridle bag.

Above: Our most popular color on our most classic bag, “brown” as seen on our Classic Messenger Bag

Dark Brown (aka “Pullman” Brown)
A deep saturated hue, our “Pullman” brown option is by far one of the most difficult to photograph. But again, we think the following photo is representative of what it looks like in normal lighting conditions.

Above: Our “Pullman” Dark Brown color, as seen on this Tuck-lock & Gusseted bag

Black (aka “Ink” Black)
And finally, our new bridle black option is another difficult to photograph option. While our photos always convey the hue, we sometimes lose the beautiful (and very fine) leather grain — and for whatever reason, black dyed leather always has the nicest feel.

Above: Ink Black on our Full Flap Gusseted Messenger Bag

Bridle Color Options / Swatches

Using the examples above, we hope it is easier to relate them to the swatches below. And for further reading, please see our post regarding edge color options. In short, we are happy to offer the ability to select edge colors on newer bags.

Above: Our bridle bag color options. From Left: natural (no dye), brown, dark brown, and black

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