Finding Inspiration in Art: The Story Behind Naming basäder

Finding Inspiration in Art: The Story Behind Naming basäder

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at basäder is the origin and meaning behind our name. It's an intriguing inquiry that often surprises those who ask. Our name, basäder, derives from the renowned Dutch conceptual artist Bas Jan Ader. The founding of basäder was a collaborative effort between Elin and her husband Philip, with Philip's passion for art serving as the catalyst. From a young age, Bas Jan Ader had captivated Philip with his conceptual artistry. While in college, the name 'basäder' struck him, and he held onto the idea that it would be a perfect name for a business someday. More than a decade later, it became the name of our leather bag and accessory brand.

Both Elin and Philip draw inspiration from Bas Jan Ader’s  profound concepts, thought-provoking work, and artistic vision. Ader's artistic explorations delved into themes of vulnerability, loss, and the human condition. His performances often involved subjecting himself to precarious situations, showcasing his audacious and unconventional approach to art. He fearlessly pushed the boundaries of what was possible, embracing the concept of failure and the inherent risks of pursuing one's dreams. Ader's art invited viewers to reflect on the fragility of existence and the universal longing for transcendence.

Elin and Philip have always shared a similar philosophy in how they approach life and their profession. They have rarely chosen the conventional or safe path for a "comfortable" life, preferring to take risks and continually challenge themselves and their boundaries in their pursuit of new, untraditional ways to achieve their goals.

So, why did we choose to name our company after Bas Jan Ader? Beyond the initial dream harbored by Elin's husband, the name held a deeper meaning for us. Ader represents the perfect embodiment of the qualities we value in our work: creativity, innovation, and a willingness to take risks. We firmly believe that the most remarkable ideas emerge when we step beyond our comfort zones and explore new possibilities.

To this day, here at basäder, we strive to embody these same qualities in everything we do. Our commitment lies in crafting high-quality bags and accessories that defy the boundaries of traditional design. We are continually pushing the envelope, exploring new and experimental methods of production that prioritize safety and environmental sustainability.

Much like Ader, we perceive the creative process as a journey, with equal significance placed on the voyage as well as the destination. Our objective is to create aesthetically pleasing and functional bags that not only tell a story but also inspire a sense of adventure and exploration. At basäder, we believe our bags should be more than mere products; they should serve as expressions of individuality, personal style, and one's unique journey through life.

By naming our company after Bas Jan Ader, we aim to pay homage to his legacy of creativity and innovation while inspiring others to embrace the same spirit of adventure and experimentation in their own lives. At basäder, we strive to produce leather goods and accessories that transcend the status of mere products, transforming them into works of art.

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