While seemingly not that different than our past and current offerings, our new leather messenger bag is now available in durable bridle leather. We hope to explain the differences in an upcoming (more detailed) post, but we’re extremely excited, as this has been in the making for months (actually, close to a year).

Our new bridle leather offering, as seen in our dark brown messenger bag

We worked alongside two of the main US hide houses to experiment in different leather finishes and options. Simply put, we finally sourced what we consider to be the most durable, radiant, and supple leather, and in the coming months, we will be releasing some new color and bag options (could not be happier here!).

Of note, in comparison to our veg-tan lineup, these new bridle bags will appear much darker on the inside as they are dyed and protected on both sides. And while a long and arduous process, each bag is finished multiple times, to ensure a radiant finish (something we are obsessive about, and find lacking in a lot of the off-the-shelf options).
Check it out here: New Handmade Leather Bag, in Bridle

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