One of our favorite leather types, due to its almost hauntingly matte finish, is what we commonly refer to as “oil-pull”. Our messenger bag line currently has a lot of “Crazyhorse” bags, which is essentially a variant of oil-pull, and the same leather pictured throughout this post.
We get a lot of questions about leather bag care, and this post addresses just how resilient “oil-pull” leather really is. I’m still amazed at its almost self-healing like properties. If it gets scratched, folded, or becomes too dry, it can typically be revived with very little work.
We love Crazyhorse leather mostly because of its deep matte finish. And the reason for this is simple; the leather is imbued with oil and stuffed with waxes and tallow. This not only makes for a very water resistant leather, but a very forgiving material that should last a lifetime.
Above: a square cutting of Crazyhorse leather without any leather conditioner applied.
Above, the same square cutting with Fiebing’s 4-Way care applied and left to dry.

The Scratch Test
As you can see in the image below, we made two deep scratches using a flat head screwdriver. But once again, applying 4-Way Care, massaging it in, and repeating the process we were able to almost entire repair the leather to almost new condition.


Above: scratched with a screwdriver
Above: repaired with Leather conditioner.
Above: the final results.
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